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Random Life Updates:
Moved to San Francisco, CA.
I work for Electronic Arts now.

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Playing Celebrities, originally uploaded by weirdo513.

Posted some pics from Thanksgiving at Joe & Anami's.

Didn't get too many good shots sadly.

High Tech
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High Tech, originally uploaded by weirdo513.

Testing this flicker -> LJ crap.

Took some pics of the Light Totem today, it's pretty neat.

Pulling a Starshaped!
( Sorry Aubrey, couldn't help it! ^_^ )

Well I'm going to try living in the world without LJ again. I may go back, but for now I'm running things on my own. The only reason I left blogging on my own server was that the comment spam and update procedures were just awful... but those are non issues in this new space.

So what is this new space? I'm running this journal/blog/whatever on Mephisto, it's being hosted by the fine folks over at Mediatemple, one of the best hosts I've ever had to deal with.

Why did I move? Well most of my website was being hosted off the machine (Odin) in my computer room. Now, while Odin was a fine machine, that room was getting dammed hot in the summer, and it seemed like a waste of a machine since most of my online persistence (read: screen sessions) is being handled by my work machines. Also, I already had a nice mediatemple account for my old guild's website (wowguild.net) and my wedding website (brianandjennswedding.com) but with both of those sites more or less defunct, I felt it made sense to move my webpages to the account. I could have moved my pages to Panacea (server shared by friends of mine), but the hardware is sketchy and too many people depend upon the machine for me not to be neurotic about the content. Plus I was using dynamic IPs for my DNS resolution, which was horrible at times... and meant I couldn't turn my computers off etcetera. Oh, and I hate LJs S2 system it makes me a sad panda.

I did some reorganizing, and so a lot of URLs probably just broke, but I'm ok with that for now. The main page is gone for now, but I don't think people will cry too much about that being gone. As time goes on I'm going to populate more information into the new blog space and refine the CSS style, I can't decide if I have it looking how I want it yet. I'm also going to try and transition to all em values for my style, but that's going to be a little annoying.

It will take some time for the dns changes to propagate. But you will be able to read my journal at the new url, or you can add weirdo_rss to your list, that should have the URL fixed soon.

Crossposted to http://blog.weirdo513.org/.

Help me pick some DS games.
So I'm going to California in about a week, and I am in need of some DS game recommendations.

I've not bought a game since I snagged New Super Mario Brothers / FF III, so I'm a bit bored with what I have.

Off the top of my mind I recall that I haven't played:

  • Yoshi's Island DS

  • Elite Beat Agents

  • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

  • Hotel Dusk

Ideally I would like a platformer and a puzzle/skill game, so the first two on the list seem like the obvious choices.

Any votes from the peanut gallery?

90% of people lie with statistics.
Roll initiative bitch.
So I got a standard Gallup poll call last night, I've never gotten one from the actual Gallup people before, so I took 3 minutes to respond to a few questions, mostly about bush and iraq. At the end of the call the guy (who was extremely nice about the entire call to the point of offering to leave me alone if I had more important stuff to do.) Asked if I wanted to join the Gallup Panel.

I told him to let me think about it and he's gonna call me back in a week. I can't decide if it's a good idea or not. On the one hand it's a chance to actually give my stupid opinions on a weekly basis to someone who will actually give a damn. But it's may also include market research, which is less attractive to be sure.

So I'm still pretty undecided, Jenn thinks it's a dumb idea, but I remain on the fence. What do people think?

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I am filled with a deep sense of revulsion every time I realize that there really are people in this country for which fear of hell and divine punishment are the only things that keep them from stealing from, raping and/or murdering their neighbors.

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I'm getting ready to work a lot for the next few days, I have 2-3 projects due in the next couple weeks. Yay finals week.

I'm probably going to the O'Reilly Open Source Convention(23-27) and maybe the Ubuntu Live Conference (July 22-24). So that will be a lot of fun :) I've never been to OSCon, so I'm pretty excited.

I'm also flying out to San Diego, CA for about a week for the middle of may, for a date that's kind of a big deal. We're gonna go to Disney Land, and maybe just maybe we'll have some fast food it's gonna be awesome.

In warcraft it seems as though I'm not the only one annoyed with my guild, the two main leaders just quit... so that's cute.

I rolled a Bloodelf priest named Asmer on Frostwolf a couple days ago. Justin and Zack are running the guild, they were the people who ran my old guild with me, so it's been fun. There level of humor is way above what I'm used to and so I find myself laughing a lot more at guild chat instead of marveling about how retarded a people can be... so that's good.

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I totally didn't notice http://sfbags.com made a DS Lite case.

Looks pretty sweet. Little costly but very nice.