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13 May 1981
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I'm a 25 year old Junior at Indiana University. I'm a geek, a biker, a climber, a gamer, and many other things.

I'm currently ever-so-happily Married to a woman named Jennifer. She makes me incredibly happy.

Asmer Level 36 Blood Elf PriestAsmeroth Level 70 Night Elf Druid
Geminar Level 41 Human MageHereth Level 64 Human Warlock
311, 3eb, adrenaline rushes, anime, army of darkness, atheism, baked tofu, batmud, being in love, bill murray, bleach, bloomington, blue man group, bouldering, bt, buddah, buddhism, cabaret, caesar salad, canonical hackery, cascades, chemical brothers, chop sticks, climbing, code, dan millman, dark tower, debian, deep forest, doodles, dorks, electronica, elliot smith, escaflowne, eve6, evil dead, family guy, ferry corsten, final fantasy, fireworks, free speech, fresh air, fresh fruit, full metal alchemist, futurama, game boy advance, game boy ds, game boy sp, gay rights, geek girls, geeks, girls with glasses, gnu, gorillaz, granny smith apples, green apples, green eyes, happy hardcore, hard games, harry potter, holding, honda civic, indiana university, iu, japan, japanese culture, jimmy eat world, kevin smith, kevin spacey, kodama, lain, laughing, learning from mistakes, les miserables, linux, live music, lotuses, massages, megatokyo, michael jackson, mock orange, muds, mushrooms, nature, nerds, neuros, nigiri, nintendo, origami, paul oakenfold, paul van dyk, peace, phish, photography, photos, princess mononoke, randomness, reading, rent, robot chicken, robots, romantic fools, rurouni kenshin, rusted root, sashimi, sex, simpsons, smallville, smashing pumpkins, smiles, smoothies, south park, storms, stroke 9, sushi, tattoos, taurus, teryaki, thai food, the princess bride, the simpsons, theatre, third eye blind, thunderstorms, tool, torley wong, trance, turtles, ubuntu, uits, video games, weezer, weird people, wes anderson, wind, yakitate, zelda


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